Workshop for Local Area Working Groups March 5-6, 2019- Link to agenda available.

The meeting will begin at 8 a.m. in Redwood Meeting Room 6. The agenda can be found by clicking here.

One way the NvCCN is working to promote and support locally-led collaborative conservation efforts is by hosting annual workshops to promote networking, information sharing and education opportunities for individuals and organizations engaged in community-based conservation efforts across the state.

Our primary audience for this workshop includes private landowners, public lands grazing permittees, public agency personnel, Conservation District representatives, non-governmental organizations, and others who currently participate in locally-led conservation groups or who may assist with the development of new locally led efforts.

The workshop will focus on the following:

  1. Networking and relationship building for individuals and groups interested in community-based conservation in Nevada
  2. Learning about opportunities and challenges facing locally-led conservation efforts within and outside of NV
  3. Developing a better understanding of project prioritization, funding and implementation (i.e., NEPA) and exploring ways to overcome associated hurdles

Join us at The Nugget, 1100 Nugget Ave, Sparks, NV March 5-6, 2019. To register for the workshop go to .